I’ve been around the block a few times…Dad used to always say that he was a jack of all trades, but a master of none.   Well, like Father, like daughter, as the old adage goes, with one difference…I am a master of lots and lots and lots and it’s taken me over 50 years to realize it.  I recently moved back to my home town of Wilson, NC, where I NEVER wanted to return, to take care of my Mom.  I work as a designer/decorator, selling all types of flooring, i.e. carpet, hardwood, vinyl, tile, etc…and I also design kitchens (cabinets, countertops, center islands) and bathrooms. So that’s how I bring home the bacon.

In College, (my alma mater is Barton College) I was chief photographer.  I worked for the late Milton Rogerson in the Publications Department, where I learned Ansel Adam’s zone system and how to develop, process and print black and white film.  I took numerous photos of  Tom Parham’s tennis protogés, the many soccer and baseball games and any other major event happening on campus. And that led to photographing interesting venues in my hometown, Wilson.  I have photographed many local bands, Luky Owens and Revolver, Arrogance, Mike Cross, The Reverend Billy C. Wirtz, and a few notables, like Elton John, Rod Stewart and Jimmy Page.

I love photography and the subject matter is just as interesting now as it was then.  So here, I will be sharing treasures from the past, from 35 mm film, to the present, the world of digital.

Now that brings us to Cuisine.  I love cooking and entertaining.  Small plates are the most fun for me, but I like preparing all genres of foods, i.e.  French, Italian, Mediterranean, English, Local and ethnic.  I like to preserve jams, preserves and chutney.  I enjoy baking desserts.  I like cooking, period. So here, I will share the “fruits” if you will, the “bounty” as I call it, and some of my most memorable successful endeavors in the kitchen and out on the town shopping for the best notable ingredients that can be used for unique dishes.  I mean, if you are going to prepare the best and most tasty concoctions, you had better use the five-star rated items available at the market. (not always pricey, but sometimes)